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Summary of the Spring General Meeting, 2015

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The Spring Membership Meeting was held at the Common Man Restaurant in Claremont.

The meeting was called to order by President Sandy Amlaw. Reports included the treasurer’s report, the budget, the secretary’s report, membership report, new membership report, and the president’s report.

The nominating committee again requested names of members who might be interested in serving in various positions including President-elect and vice-president.

The legislative report included a summary of the Court decisions as well as the 11 bills that were submitted, but were tabled before making it out of committee.

There is still a committee studying pension reform. There are still problems with the mailing service and our newsletters.

The scholarship committee reported that they had received 12 applications for the 3 scholarships that NHREA awards.

Martha LaFleur, AARP liason, reported that AARP sponsored 2 bills. They expected The Care Act to pass but the Work and Save Act was defeated. AARP is looking for non-partisan volunteers to attend the “Politics and Eggs” programs and ask candidates questions about their position on Social Security.

Barbara DiVenuti reported on the progress of the Web Site Committee. She took the members on a brief tour of the NHREA web site.

Leadership is looking for sites and entertainment for future meetings.

The general meeting was followed by a presentation by Terry Farish, author of several novels about refugees and immigrants.