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Summary of the Fall General Meeting, 2016

The 2016 Fall General Meeting was held on October 13, 2016 at the Chase House at Mills Falls in Meredith, NH.

After members registered and enjoyed coffee and pastries, the meeting was called to order by President Sandy Amlaw. Vice President Pauline Desautels led the attendees in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Committee Reports:

Secretary Linda Fanny read the Minutes of the May General Meeting. They were accepted and placed on file.

Treasurer Sue Holak presented the Treasurer's Report and Budget. They were accepted and placed on file.

Correspondence Secretary Connie George had no correspondence.

Membership Secretary Norma Gray, New Member Secretary Peter Desautels, reported that there are currently 4374 members, 396 who retired in 2016. Many SAU's will not release names of new retirees.

President Sandy Amlaw reported that the third lawsuit is before the State Supreme Court but it does not look hopeful. The House Bill that would give retirees a one-time payment died in committee. Members were asked to send postcards to their legislators reminding them of their need for a COLA. The postcards and names and addresses of legislators were provided.

Newsletter Editor Maureen Chamberlain reported that she and her co-editor are using more graphics to make the newsletter more appealing. A vote was taken to see how many members would rather receive the newsletter by email.

Scholarship Chair Margaret Pyszka reported that two scholarships were awarded as no one qualified for the Memorial Award. Margaret then made a motion “that in the event that there are no applications for the Memorial Scholarship, the committee will have the option of awarding the Memorial Scholarship to a worthy applicant attending a New Hampshire College” The motion passed on a voice vote.

Representative to AARP Martha LaFleur reported that AARP could use more volunteers for their “Take a Stand” campaign which is working on updating Social Security. For more information on their programs, check their website.

Marcia Walenta asked for information on speakers for future meetings. The State organization is trying to co-ordinate future meetings with Unit meetings in the area.

The 2017 Spring General Meeting will be held on May 18th at the Bektash Shriners Center in Concord.